Looking Back at Olympic Swimmer Eric Moussambani

Just because your country does not have a swimming pool where you can train doesn’t mean you can’t enter the Olympics. See how Eric became a household name due to his swim in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Movie Marketing At Comic Con, and Trailers!

Comic Con is on its last day today in San Diego (one of the biggest ones in the world) and with it come out the marketing department of every major studio that does comic book movies. Comic Con…comic movies…comic movie trailers…HYPE!! The Value of Buzz The internet is abuzz now with talk of all the

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Five Movies That Make Developers Cringe

Hollywood does a lot of things well. It makes us suspend belief for a few hours and immerses us into worlds and characters that we end up growing up with and form an attachment too. It’s also equally good at making really bad real world comparisons. Especially when it comes to computers and ‘hacking‘. Here’s

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Batman Vs. Superman Ultimate Edition Preview

A fight scene filmed by Zack Snyder from the Batman v Superman in 60fps! Our eyes, and brains, are not used to seeing things on film at this frame rate so it might look like a soap opera being filmed. A very brutal one at that.

The action does feel more in your face and fluid. Be a judge for yourself and see how you feel after watching it.

Batman v Super Ultimate Edition will be available via Amazon.

Inspiring The Next Generation

Our youth, no matter which background they come from, have aspirations just like you and me did (and still do) at one point in our lives. What better way to keep them motivated than the heroes they look up too paying them something as small as a phone call to keep going.