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Retrospect: Amazon Logo History

A logo can say a lot about a product, or a company that sells products. In this case, the self proclaimed world’s biggest store. Here’s what Amazon’s logo has been through the years. You can see the transition from being a symbol to a text based logo, an attempt at integrating an icon and

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The Coming Reign Of The Internet of Things

Ever since the internet debuted it has gone from being a novelty to being declared a human right by some countries. An increasing number of government services, shopping, banking, financial and even security rely on a network of computers being connected to each other and to the internet at the same time. The shift we’re

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Pokémon Go Causes Stampede in New York

The apocalypse has come and it’s powered by Pokemon. Apparently a “Vaporeon” was spotted somewhere in New York and people just abandoned their cars, quite literally, so that they could catch a digital animal.


Quick Tip: WordPress Theme and Plugin Uploader

If you don’t want to go through all those extra steps to upload a theme or plugin, simply visit your site admin and use the following url’s in bold:

Theme Upload –

Plugin Upload –


Up To 70% People See Income Stagnate

We wrote a couple of weeks back about Automation taking over the workforce and The Guardian has published a piece showing exactly what happens in the face of such technological progress.

Of course the article fails to mention anything about the impact that machines have had on the job sector.

The data is clear though, there’s a shift towards making people do less and machines more.

Read the article on The Guardian.