Previous and Next Post Links

Looking for a quick way to show your Next and Previous “Posts” in your single.php WordPress site? There’s this great little function that allows you to do just that. I’ve added a title and icons via FontAwesome (you will have to call the FontAwesome CSS for that to work). get_adjacent_post code So just drop the

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Create A Simple Sticky Header or Footer With Bootstrap

This is a very simple and very quick ‘sticky’ header or footer CSS class that you can use with your Bootstrap projects. I’ve added one extra thing to the sticky header, a dismissible alert close icon, just so that your user has the option to remove it if they like. Similarly you can do the

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Show Author Avatar in WordPress Posts

You’ve probably seen a lot of posts around the web on how to add author avatars to your WordPress posts, well here’s another one! In this new blog theme I’m going to release soon, based on my Compose WordPress theme, I wanted to add a nifty section below each post to show the authors avatar,

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Showing Relevant Next/Previous Blog Posts

Show Next/Previous Links

Sometimes when you build a WordPress theme you may want you to only show relevant Next and Previous post links. For instance, if you created a specific category for your “Galleries” and only used the “Gallery” Post format in that category you might want to ONLY show other Galleries in the post navigation. Here’s how

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Page Template to Show Custom Post Type Loops

Custom Post Types

If you’re using Custom Post Types you’re obviously amazed by the amount of options such a feature can provide you in WordPress. I recently updated my Craft WordPress theme which implements Custom Post Types for “Portfolios”. The format allows the user to set up easy project posts and show them in a different styling from

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