Movie Marketing At Comic Con, and Trailers!

Comic Con is on its last day today in San Diego (one of the biggest ones in the world) and with it come out the marketing department of every major studio that does comic book movies.

Comic Con…comic movies…comic movie trailers…HYPE!!

The Value of Buzz

The internet is abuzz now with talk of all the trailers being released and this time it’s not bootleg trailers that someone recorded with their phone, but real actual high definition trailers.

It’s about time that studios learned that fans are going to get the news out one way or the other. So instead of trying to fight it, just roll with it.

Most of the trailers are just teasers and no doubt there will be more prior to the release, including TV spots, interviews and special behind the scenes.

The lesson for other entrepreneurs and marketers here is that when you’ve built up a MVP (minimum viable product) there’s no point in delaying the release, just get on with it.

Enjoy the trailers below.

Justice League

Doctor Strange

The LEGO Batman Movie

Wonder Woman

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Kong: Skull Island

King Arthur – Legend of the Sword

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