Five Movies That Make Developers Cringe

Hollywood does a lot of things well. It makes us suspend belief for a few hours and immerses us into worlds and characters that we end up growing up with and form an attachment too.

It’s also equally good at making really bad real world comparisons. Especially when it comes to computers and ‘hacking‘.

Here’s our list of 5 five movies that make developers and software professionals cringe.

Jurassic Park

This is UNIX, I know this” says the young Lex in the movie, she then proceeds to fly around a 3D based file management system. That line has now become one of the most famous nerd anthems along with Samuel Jackson attempt to hack back into the park’s computers with “access main security grid”.

Independence Day

Alien invasion? No problem, let’s just fly up to the mother-ship in space and upload a virus. Granted, a deleted scene apparently shows us as having built our software from the space ship that crashed…but still, I’d expect the mother-ship to have an anti-virus installed?!

The Net

Everything in this movie. Just everything, really.

If you are independent director just make sure you always have a big red box with ‘Unauthorized Access’ or ‘Access Denied‘ blinking on the screen, with dramatic background music. It’s a win at the box office for you.

Enemy Of The State

Let’s take this 2D image, put it into our ultra sophisticated image enhancement program and we have an absolute classic scene.


Merging Sesame Street with computers was probably the only way they were going to get kids to watch this movie. So the film makers didn’t think twice to include an animated cookie monster, starring as the virus, infiltrating…well, something. I couldn’t get past 20 seconds into this video. Let me know what happens at the end.

Bonus: Skyfall

Every government agency has awesome 3D renditions for everything, and a laughing skull for when hackers break in. I wonder if that’s a feature in Windows 10?

If you feel that we should have included a film in here, or have one of your own you’d like to mention feel free to do so in the comments.

I promise you won’t get an ‘Access Denied’ prompt.

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