SpaceX Will Go To Mars, Then What?

SpaceX, helmed by Elon Musk (the same guy behind Tesla), has just announced that human beings are to become an interplanetary species, if he has his way with it. He insists that we become one as soon as possible, thankfully he has a space program to help the first humans get to Mars.

In the above video, SpaceX offers a glimpse of how they envision this to happen, with re-usable booster rockets ready to ship people as if it were another day at the space port?!

The only thing I want to know is…what do we do when we get there? What are human beings meant to accomplish after having gone to another planet and seen that there’s nothing there, but dust, bad weather and no environment to take a walk?

Sure, in about an hundred years the species will have done some sort of terra-forming, in order to give the residents of Mars something to look forward too. But what will shape the future of the residents of Mars when they grow up to find out that they were the lucky/unlucky ones to never get to experience Earth!

As adventurers and explorers did in the past and ventured out on foot, over land and then sea to discover new lands and continents, so must a courageous band of space age explorers do the same. So far though we have no idea what the current environment of that planet would even do to our physiology over the ages, let alone if it would let us live there in the first place.

But I guess someone has to find out, the easy way or the hard way.

Nonetheless, these are exciting times for the human race as we venture into areas we always either looked up to, or squinted to see through a tiny keyhole. Maybe it is time to take a closer look, we might just discover something about ourselves along the way.

Or not.

Watch the full keynote here.

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