New Design, New Direction…it’s All New!

Weborithm is now a publication, a blog, a resource, an avenue to discover stories and an aggregator of all the amazing things that make up the internet.

Over the years, since 2007 in fact, I’ve used Weborithm as my own personal ‘brand’. It’s still that, but instead of being a design/development agency we’re now everything I just said in the sentence above ↑.

This change was brought about in part due to my desire to come back to writing/blogging and sharing things I find interesting and inspiring. Also, since I’m moving on with a new phase in my life I figured this was the best way to go about it.

First Freelance Job

I still remember the very first job I got as a freelancer online back in 2006, it was for a Flash banner (yes, remember that?!) and I got paid $15 for it.

Of course I got my very first client, a tanning salon in Miami, back in 2002-ish. But that client was signed on by walking around my neighborhood and knocking on doors. My only regret is not having thought to build some type of social network back then. Oh well…

So here I am almost 15 years later and about to turn a new page in my professional life, so to speak. I’m still going to be doing a lot of the same things, but instead of working on client projects I will be working on my own. I won’t completely rule out working on an exciting project if it comes my way though.

So that’s that.

Welcome to Weborithm, please do subscribe or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

…by the way, you like the new look?

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