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We’ve been using Ninja Forms over on one of our websites and it’s been nothing but stellar so far. The features are quite rich, for a free plugin, and the add-ons provide a good deal of extensible options.

Since we liked it so much, we decided to build an add-on of our own.

Introducing Ninja Forms Public View

All the submissions you receive via your Ninja Form are stored in the backend under ‘Submissions’. But what if you wanted to show those submissions to others, or just to yourself on the frontend?

The Public View add-on allows you to do just that!

With this add-on you can see the output of form submissions via a shortcode in a Post or Page. It’s a great way to tabulate the submissions you receive.


The add-on comes with the following feature set:

  1. Assign which form you want to show by declaring the form ID via the ‘form’ parameter. For example: form=1
  2. Hide selected submitted fields via the ‘exclude’ parameter in the shortcode. Simply enter the Field Key name of the form element. For example: exclude=phone_number
  3. Sort the view by a selected Field Key using the ‘sort’ parameter. For example: sort=name
  4. Set a table style via the add-on admin panel.
  5. Upload a global header image for the table.

Uses include:

  • Show attendee list
  • Show entries for a sports meet
  • Share latest local updates collected via forms
  • Share information gathered internally via private Posts/Pages
  • Use it for fast data previews
  • …and many more!

The add-on is available for purchase and we hope you like using it to enhance your experience with Ninja Forms and your website visitors.

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