ShowDown v2.0 – Now Supporting WooCommerce

Do you own an eCommerce site with ten, hundreds…thousands of products? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could somehow have a way to have your products compete against each other? Your users would not only find it interesting but it could also give you insight into what your buyers prefer and is popular.

ShowDown, now supporting WooCommerce, helps you make “Battles” and “Hot/Not” contests with your entire product catalog.

Yay/Nay Contest Example

Keep Your Buyers Engaged

ShowDown for WooCommerce supports any eCommerce website that is powered by WooCommerce. Set up is simple and starts with uploading and activating the ShowDown plugin.

Next, you create a new Page/Post and use the ShowDown shortcode generator and assign a Category, or Tag, from which you want to pull product contestants from.

Now all you have to do is embed the code, add a write up if you like, and hit Publish!

Your users can now click on their choices and the popular ones go up in the charts, you can show stats as well.

Increase Sales and Discovery

We think this is a great way for your users to find new products they didn’t think you have, and even lead to a potential increase in sales.

The contest keeps going on until your visitor decides that they’ve found something they want to pursue on your site, or when they have had enough.

If your store has a lot of products then you can create various types of contests, battles and even ‘one on one‘ or ‘one against many‘ type of games.

We hope you like it as much as we do, and can’t wait to see how you use it!


1. ShowDown for WooCommerce demo

2. Download ShowDown here

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