Starting a Startup: The Idea

This is the first post in my series on starting a startup. Here are the others:

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Ideas are a dime a dozen. Action is worth it’s weight in gold.

I’ve started something and I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out. This series of posts will be a documentation of the entire process I have to go through to get myself into a ‘phase’.

The startup phase.

The Big Idea

First of all, there’s no such thing as a big idea. An idea by itself is not worth a million, or a billion or anything really. It’s all about how you execute a plan to create something that people like, fill a void that exists or make something they never knew they needed.

At times entrepreneurs tend to forget that it’s very likely people will not want to use or buy what they have so painstakingly made. For which there could be a multitude of reasons.

The first red flag for any entrepreneur should be – How much of this ‘idea’ of yours are you actually creating yourself? In the case of web based services/products are you able to develop any part of the end product?

Ask yourself:

Can you code?


Do you know basic HTML/CSS, or even Photoshop to come up with a mockup of how you want things to work and look?


OK, can you at least draw a diagram or flowchart of what steps you want your users to take when they visit the home page of your site.

You’re not sure how that works…

(If you answered yes to any of the above, congratulations you should really look into getting started with your startup.)

If you cannot do any of the above expect to pay for the services to do all of the above. Because if you don’t then that’s all it will ever be, an idea.

Equity is great, but when everything is worth 0 there’s not much left to pay the rent. Landlords don’t care about equity, apparently.

The reason I’m saying the above is because I’ve come across many, many, many people in real life and online who have built a grand vision of things but don’t know how to execute it, or fail miserably. That’s OK, I had it too…when I was 21.

I trashed it soon enough as I stepped out on my own and tried to get customers with the little web design skills I taught myself. The realization of how hard it actually is to sell something to someone dawned on me pretty quick.


…right, my Big Idea

It’s not something new and it’s definitely not something revolutionary in terms of a service or product. In fact it’s something so simple that in order to test it out and launch it in a beta phase all I need is a WordPress theme.

But won’t that make it tough to export later on to a custom framework when you need to scale? Yes, I need to scale first though.

In the future I will require my startup to have its own custom backend. But for now the best way to actually test out whether or not this will work is to get something started, and started quickly. So WordPress it is.

I do not yet want to reveal what the name of my site is, or what the premise is.

The naming of the startup is a serendipitous story though and I will share it when the time is right. It only took me a year to chance upon it.

Next Steps

From here on out I will be posting updates on how I’m dealing with the design direction, the color story, the layouts, the user experience decisions and any code that I might have to call my trusted friend to help me out on.

Until next time, keep pushing pixels!

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