The Re-Birth of Compose

A while back, a long way back, I had the idea to develop my own framework to build themes, templates and maybe even apps. As it turned out, life decided otherwise.

I did develop it to some extent but never reaching the milestone that I wanted it to be, there’s just so much a single man can accomplish. Almost all of my past HTML and WordPress themes were based on my own personal HTML + CSS framework.

I had even developed my own WordPress framework based on it. Again, life decided otherwise and I could not take it past a certain limit.

Since then, I’ve re-discovered design, development and a host of other things. So I’m giving birth (so to speak) to my framework once again.

With a slight difference this time.

This time I’m going to concentrate more on the front-end and use the back-end from the wonderful folk over at Bootstrap! The name I had for my framework was Compose, I’m still sticking with that name.


Today marks the release of v0.1 of Compose, for now it will only be an HTML framework till I reach a very happy equilibrium of form, functionality and design, in other words till I get to v1.0! Once the template reaches v1.0 I will then use it to develop my own WordPress framework, for you and everyone else I don’t know to enjoy!

So please take a look at my offering to give back to the design + development community with my very humble effort. Your comments are welcome, I’ll also take advice and suggestions for features and direction you’d like to see.

Did I mention it is 100% open source!

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