Who Are Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society?

I uploaded a video to YouTube on a world record bid for releasing the most Sky Lanterns yesterday, the city and residents of Hyderabad, India now hold the record beating previous holder Indonesia by releasing around 12,000 or so Sky Lanterns. You can watch it below.

But that’s not the point of this post.

The point is that it was automatically tagged for a copyright claim made by some random entity called “Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society“. Looking at their Facebook page, they write this about themselves:

You get the pleasure of posting videos
We get the pleasure of making money from your videos
It’s a win-win situation

We are the Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society. In other words, we are a society that collects rights from the publishing of music onto sites like YouTube.

Our mission is to file copyright claims so that ads will be placed onto certain videos, and we will be able to make money off of them. We do not seek to have anyone’s videos blocked in certain countries or disabled altogether, all we are trying to do is make a bit of money. That’s not so bad, is it?

A wide variety of people post videos containing content that belongs to our organization. We didn’t make the music ourselves, but nonetheless we can still make money from it.


So this is some random organization which somehow claims to collect “rights” from music being published on YouTube…yet they claim they didn’t make the music themselves but “nonetheless we can still make money from it”.


I need to start my own “Society”, that’s not so bad, is it?

If I’m not mistaken aren’t the artists/publishers the main beneficiaries of their music, rather than some random group of people who claim nothing but do claim the overbearing right to your videos and slapping ads on them as soon as a tune is heard in the background? And, how did they exactly get the process automated in their favor by YouTube!

This is why copyright laws are broken, and more laws are not the answer.

My video below was quickly tagged with ads from AdSense, even though I don’t have an AdSense account, and I got the notice that my video was being claimed by the “Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society”. If your videos get automatically tagged with a copyright claim by this bogus society, who don’t think it’s “so bad” to make money off of your video, you can very easily contest it using the premise that it is being used within the fair usage clause.

Just follow the directions on the YouTube site to claim your video back. Here’s the response I got:

Bogus Copyright Claim

If your video has been previously claimed by this “Society” you can still contest it and re-claim the rights to your video. Don’t let these thugs stop or scare you, and for goodness sake let’s stop them from making money from our videos!

World Record for Sky Lanterns, Hyderabad March 25th, 2012

…Video will be back shortly…it was brought under a new copyright claim by another entity called “Whacked Out Media” who are based in Hyderabad, they supposedly provide management services of some sort. From what I saw at the event, I personally would not hire them.

I’ll be hosting the video somewhere else.

6 thoughts on “Who Are Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society?

  1. yeh, ive just been hit by music publishing rights collecting society myself.

    i made a video where i play a scary video game, and post my reactions on youtube. its quite funny.

    but the video they claimed copyright over didnt even have any music on it.

    im in the process of counter-claiming or what ever its called, but youtube isnt working for me for some reason, so i will post an update later on.

  2. I don’t know if this post is still active but I also got this bogus claim attached to my video. How does YouTube even allow this?! I put A LOT of effort into my videos and there is no way on this planet I’m going to allow a bogus organization of individuals to make a false copyright claim on my video. I go to great lengths to make sure any music I use is already licensed as creative commons so that this bull crap won’t happen.

    My question is though, that I had already uploaded the video once and gotten the claim. So when I tried to fight the claim and got the same email you did my video wouldn’t even play on YouTube and just stopped at 0:00/0:00. So I was wondering if this is a temporary change while they fix the claim dispute? This is obviously AGAINST the policies of copyright claims and their “organization” should be shut down immediately.

    I don’t want to end this fight here, do you know someone on YouTube or another entity we could communicate with to get them shut down permanently?

  3. I’ve been having trouble with this group for a few months now. Every time I upload a new recording I did, they will file a copyright complaint, claiming that I illegally used their stuff. Umm…no. I know very well what I’m doing, so unless I get LEGITIMATE copyright claims from the companies that actually OWN the songs, I’m not taking them down. I’ve been using YouTube for years and have YET to have any of my videos flagged by an actual EXISTING company. Why? Because I’m not making profit off of anything I upload and I give credit where it’s DUE.

    I really wish YouTube would ban these trolls for good, instead of just letting their bots handle everything. They’re quite annoying and it’s plain OBVIOUS that they are not the real copyright owners.

  4. I wish I knew someone on the inside. The only thing we can do is to keep fighting them and blogging against them. Best of luck with your videos.

  5. Another point that makes what they are doing illegal is that they are also claiming copyrights on parodies. The original artists still own the rights to the music so they can not claim a copyright that is already owned by someone else.

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